Pluginfest Day One

Report from the Eclipse Pluginfest Day One – it seemed to be generally productive for most people.

Many of the participants (including myself) had Eclipse plug-ins or platforms for specific circumstances (for example, operating systems) so there wasn’t as much testing of plug-ins as there might have been. That said, I’m sure some people such as the CollabNet and Perforce guys were very busy testing their plug-ins on all sorts of platforms.

The rest of us, meanwhile, spent useful time talking about how we could work together. I had interesting discussions with Sony Ericsson, Symbian and various other companies. Most of the Symbian guys I spoke to seemed surprised that I had actually produced something – I’m not just vapourware!

For all it was a productive and interesting day, I didn’t actually solve any one of the twenty or so technical issues/questions/interoperability points that I brought along. So I’m going to have to work really hard tomorrow to nail them down.

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