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Obligatory iPhone post

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Well, what did you expect? Obviously I’m going to post about the iPhone: I work in the mobile phone industry and I’m a Mac user. I’ve been told of two people today who foolishly read this blog so I ought to post something!

My view:

1. The mobile phone industry needs a kick up the bum. Especially in the areas of user-interfaces and reliability… or in short, attention to detail. The process of putting together a modern smartphone is fairly haphazard and driven by deadlines, and it shows in the results. There just isn’t the cohesion and usability which users should demand. (Except in Japan.)

2. The iPhone may just deliver that kick. I don’t know if Apple will have got the user interface completely right – probably not – but I bet there’s things they’ve got right which nobody else has. It’s not because they’re geniuses, but because they will have lavished attention to detail on the product. Even if the iPhone itself isn’t great, it will up the standards for the rest of the industry.

3. The phone itself probably won’t sell. I think it’s too expensive, doesn’t have 3G, will have too many annoying user interface issues (until they’ve worked them out). It’s locked to one network. I also think the lack of a third party developer community will worry purchasers, because there won’t be the tantalising possibility to expand the device (no matter how few users ultimately would have done so).

But future versions probably will! Hats off to Apple – the iPhone is still due out tomorrow and they appear to have produced a smartphone (or nearly a smartphone) on schedule – which is something rare in itself!

Finally – go and see Shrek 3 – it’s good!

Actually doing a tools contract!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I am currently about half-way through doing Macrobug’s first-ever tools contract. It’s just the sort of thing I want to be doing: porting a debugger engine from one development platform to another. It really couldn’t be closer to the areas where I want to develop a reputation and experience.