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News from Macrobugland

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Some of you may have heard that I have taken a full-time job at another company, so Macrobug is proceeding as a background activity. But that’s not all the news!

  • The stray event scanner has morphed (finally!) into a generic static analysis tool. As well as checking for all kinds of active object problems, it can find problems related to Symbian OS kernel handles… and in fact, anything else – it’s fully extensible! (For the techies – all you need to do is define an Eclipse plug-in which does two things. First, you define certain ‘actions’ taken by different function calls; secondly, you define a ‘device state model’ which gets fed every possible sequence of those actions called by the code you’re analysing).
  • Although it’s terrific, this generic static analysis tool probably isn’t as terrific as some of the existing tools out there. So Macrobug is also hoping to convert its existing analysis engines – for active objects and kernel handles – into checkers for an existing product. Perhaps a commercial one, or perhaps something open-source. If you’re interested, get in touch!
  • Macrobug (the company) might be starting a small extra website on the side soon… something more leisure oriented. Watch this space!

If you’ve been reading since the days I first started the company, thanks! Can I recommend that you take a look at the blog of Transmission Begins, a company run by my good friends John and Morgan?